Peace! I'm Ashley. 

A Detroit dweller with a spirited love for fresh mangoes, African dancing, island getaways and BIG natural hair!

Welcome to Bare Fruit Soul. A site passionately created for black women to reclaim the health of their soul, mind and body.

Geared towards the unique genetic composition of black women, I’ll share tons of natural and holistic foods, beauty products, workouts and more!



my health journey...

Like many women, I’ve experienced the typical weight gain milestones: high-school baby fat, freshman fifteen and the "my-first-love" pounds. Losing the weight was no biggie. I’d just hop on the treadmill, stop eating bread and the weight would fall off.

As this weight loss - weight gain trend followed me into my mid twenties, it became harder and harder to drop the pounds.

Frustrated - I no longer wanted to get back in shape. I wanted to stay in shape.

So I did what anybody else would do...

Check out those clear heels! Hahaha! 

Check out those clear heels! Hahaha! 

in 2012, i entered a npc bikini competition

After 8 months of "clean" eating, intense workouts and bikini poses - I hit the stage.

I looked awesome! Six pack. Cut arms. Tight ass.

I felt awful! Constipated. Stressed. Bloated.

According to the fitness mags and blogs (where no one looked like me), I was eating all the "right" foods. Lean meat. Whole wheat. Greek yogurt. So why did I feel so shitty? Wasn't health just about eating right and exercise? Didn't eating right look the same for everyone?

Seeking answers - I was catapulted onto a new journey of African Holistic Health.



Africans and African Diasporas (aka black people) share a unique biological makeup requiring a specific diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal health.  This is referred to as Ethnomedicine, African Holistic Health, the African Bio-Mineral Balance and the Kemetic Diet.

African Holistic Health is based on the (pre-colonial) diet and lifestyle of our ancient African ancestors who consumed natural, plant-based foods, practiced herbal medicine and understood the intricate connection between soul, mind and body.

Since transitioning to a holistic lifestyle, I’ve experienced amazing changes!

  • healthier digestion
  • a flatter belly
  • clearer skin  
  • mental focus
  • spiritual clarity

I continue to learn and grow everyday and I’m currently working toward a certification in Holistic Nutritional Counseling.

On Bare Fruit Soul, my mission is to share well-researched and accessible content for you to reclaim YOUR African Holistic Health. Let's help each other rediscover the most natural, creator-intended version of ourselves - our bare fruit soul. Thanks for your energy and presence. Let's do this!

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Can we truly liberate ourselves as [black] people
if we do not acknowledge and emphasize the role of sustaining ourselves
in mind, body and spirit?
— veronica agard